To our customers,


As part of the annual hydrant flushing program, the Woonsocket Water Division will be flushing the hydrants in the following area tonight: Constitution Hill and Fairmount, East, West, Center, South, Sayles St, Olo St, Mason St, Bourdon Blvd, and 1st through 10th Avenue. Side streets in these areas will be flushed as well.

The flushing will start at 9pm Tuesday, October 22nd and will continue until 5:00am Wednesday, October 23rd.  


Customers may experience discolored water, as well as lower than normal pressure. If you experience rusty water, run your COLD water for a short time to clear the lines.  Store clean water in containers for use until water runs clear.  If possible, please limit water usage during these hours, especially if you notice work crews in your area.


Thank You for Your Cooperation


Woonsocket Water Division 767-1410

L.A. is in celebration mode after the Dodgers clinched the World Series championship for the first time in 32 years. Mookie Betts scored the go-ahead run in the sixth inning and later homered as the Dodgers beat the Rays 3-1 in Game Six of the Fall Classic in Arlington, Texas.        As the countdown to the election continues, President Trump and Joe Biden are hitting the campaign trail hard. During a rally in Wisconsin, Trump touted his law and order theme and claimed the former vice president and other Democrats "incite violence and hatred" against police officers. During a stop in Atlanta, Biden hit Trump again over his response to the coronavirus. He took issue with the president for not bringing together the two parties to work on creating a concrete plan to deal with the pandemic.       The mortality rate of patients with COVID-19 is on the decline. White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah says that's because treatment is getting better. Farah says people are less likely to die of the virus than ever before. She says by the end of the year there should be significant vaccine distribution and by the first quarter of next year the vaccine should be widely available.       The heads of Facebook, Google and Twitter are set to testify in a Senate hearing Wednesday on how their companies treat the flow of speech and information. Lawmakers have been critical of the tech giants when it comes to issues of monopoly, privacy and censorship. Republicans have accused social media of suppressing conservative views while Democrats have raised concerns over providing a place for hate speech to thrive.        A line from the "Borat" movies is now being used to promote tourism in Kazakhstan. The phrase is "very nice!" The deputy chairman of Kazakh Tourism says the phrase can be used to describe many things in the country. That includes its people and the food.