Join us at the Woonsocket Harris Public Library on Saturday afternoon November 16th for a family craft between 2-3pm.

We will be making birdfeeders out of pinecones. We have lots of colorful yarn to attach to your pinecone. Then  roll the pinecone in vegetable shortening and then roll the pinecone in birdseed! We use vegetable shortening instead of  peanut butter due to allergy concerns. Finished pinecones will be placed in a zip lock bag for safe travels. This is a drop in craft while supplies last. No need to register in advance.



Chris Wallace Goldstein

Children's Librarian 

Woonsocket Harris Public Library

303 Clinton Street

Woonsocket, RI  02895

401-769-9044 x2

At least four deaths are blamed on a winter storm that's spreading across the eastern half of the country. Three people died in a crash in Michigan and one in Kansas on Monday. More than a thousand flights have been cancelled at Chicago's two big airports. Forecasters say the storm will spread from the Ohio Valley to New England today.        Former President Jimmy Carter is getting a lot of support as he goes into surgery this morning at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. The 95-year-old Carter will have surgery to relieve pressure from bleeding on his brain after his recent falls.        The spotlight will be on the House impeachment investigation of President Trump when public hearings begin tomorrow. State Department officials William Taylor and George Kent will be the first to testify.        Suspects in the massacre of nine women and children are under arrest in Mexico. Three women and six children with dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship were shot and killed while driving in northern Mexico more than a week ago. Investigators believe they were caught in the midst of two drug cartels' fight for territory.        An Oklahoma police officer is under arrest in Florida, charged with killing his chief. Mannford, Oklahoma Police Chief Lucky Miller was found dead in a Pensacola Beach hotel Sunday. Officer Michael Nealy is charged with murder. They were in Florida for a conference.       Disney launches its new streaming service today. Disney-Plus will offer hundreds of Disney-related movies and TV series for six-99 a month. The line-up includes everything from classic animated features such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to a huge collection of Marvel cartoons and movies, including almost every Star Wars flick.