Join us at the Woonsocket Harris Public Library on Saturday afternoon November 16th for a family craft between 2-3pm.

We will be making birdfeeders out of pinecones. We have lots of colorful yarn to attach to your pinecone. Then  roll the pinecone in vegetable shortening and then roll the pinecone in birdseed! We use vegetable shortening instead of  peanut butter due to allergy concerns. Finished pinecones will be placed in a zip lock bag for safe travels. This is a drop in craft while supplies last. No need to register in advance.



Chris Wallace Goldstein

Children's Librarian 

Woonsocket Harris Public Library

303 Clinton Street

Woonsocket, RI  02895

401-769-9044 x2

New Jersey authorities believe two gunmen targeted a kosher supermarket where three people were killed in a shooting Tuesday afternoon. The shooters killed a police officer in Jersey City before heading to the store. They fired at officers for hours and were eventually killed. Three civilians were found dead inside the store.       President Trump says the articles of impeachment against him are flimsy, pathetic and ridiculous. He told a cheering crowd in Pennsylvania Tuesday night he expected more than two articles of impeachment based off accusations in the Ukraine scandal. Trump said he's only facing abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges because House Democrats want to win in 2020.        A court is blocking the Trump Administration from using diverted funds for the southern border wall. A federal judge in Texas on Tuesday issued a nationwide injunction blocking the administration's plan to use military construction funding. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper gave the green light in September to move three-point-six-billion dollars from the Pentagon for border barriers.        Blue Origin is delaying the launch of its reusable space capsule and rocket, New Shepard. The company announced the weather in West Texas is forcing the delay. They hope to try again Wednesday. It is Blue Origin's ninth commercial launch. It's delivering a payload for its customers, universities and NASA.        Pee-wee is hitting the road. Paul Rubens plans to celebrate the 35th anniversary of his breakout movie "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" by going on tour. He'll stop in 20 cities to show the film and tell stories from behind-the-scenes. Tickets go on sale this Friday.