December 27, 2019
Rubbish and Recycling Holiday Pickup Schedule
On Wednesday January 1, 2020 in the observance of New Years Day the Woonsocket Material Recycle Facility will be closed and there will be no trash or recycling collection.
Curbside pick-up for trash and recycling for January 2nd through January 3rd will be delayed by one day.
Residents are reminded that wintertime weather may delay trash and recycling collection services. Every effort will be taken to ensure prompt service however if the roadways should become a safety issue for the rubbish trucks then collection would be delayed to the following day.
Accumulated snow on sidewalks may also hamper the rubbish collection service. To ensure curbside pick-up, please shovel an area that will allow the trash and recycling carts to sit level. Cart covers should be closed preventing snow from adding to the weight of the waste.
The placement of your cart is important, since the collection vehicles lifting arm requires clearance: 3 feet on all sides and 12 feet overhead. The carts should be no more than 3 feet away from the curb or road edge, and the arrows on the lid must be pointing toward the street, with the hinges facing away from your street. Your GREEN recycling cart should be placed at least 3 feet from your BURGUNDY trash cart.
Place carts curbside on your collection day by 7 am.
Michael Debroisse
Superintendent of Solid Waste

The FBI is assisting in the investigation of the helicopter crash that claimed the life of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter Gianna, and seven others. The National Transportation Safety Board will be the lead agency while assets from the FBI's evidence response team are helping local authorities process the scene. Sunday's crash happened in Calabasas, California leaving people across the country, and in fact the world, stunned.        NBA teams are honoring Kobe Bryant on the court. Almost all of the 16 teams who played Sunday took a 24-second shot clock violation or held the ball for eight seconds in the backcourt to honor the fallen NBA legend. Bryant wore number-24 and number-eight during his career with the Lakers. Hawks guard Trae Young wore a number-eight jersey instead of his usual number-11 to start their game against the Wizards.        Billie Eilish is this year's big winner at the Grammys. She took home the win for Record Of The Year. The 18 year old won quite a few Grammys Sunday night including Best Song for Bad Guy and Best New Artist.        President Trump's Senate impeachment trial resumes Monday. Lawyers for the President will continue opening statements that they started on Saturday. White House counsel Pat Cipollone [[ sip-uhl-OWN-ee ]] argued that the President did absolutely nothing wrong. He said Democratic House managers did not make a case for removing Trump from office.        New York Senator Chuck Schumer is urging federal officials to declare the coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency. On Sunday, he called for officials to make the declaration, which would give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention access to 85-million-dollars allocated to fight infectious disease. Schumer calls the move a proactive effort, saying the additional funds could be used for screening, increasing public awareness, and tracing the virus.