WASHINGTON – U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01) spoke on the House floor this afternoon to advocate for passage of the Moving Forward Act, a $1.5 trillion investment in rebuilding America’s infrastructure.




Mr. Speaker, our infrastructure is stuck in the 1950s and it doesn’t have to be. 


It is time, in fact it is past time, for Congress to bring our bridges, roads, and schools into the 21st century.


The American people gave Democrats control of the U.S. House last year because we promised to work For The People. Higher wages, lower costs, and rooting out corruption in Washington.


The Moving Forward Act delivers on that promise. It creates millions of good-paying jobs at a time when they are needed most.


More than 40 million unemployment claims have been filed since the start of this pandemic. But the President is more interested in Tweeting than in helping people who are out of work.


As a candidate, President Trump promised to rebuild our infrastructure. It turned out to be yet another empty promise on his road to power.


Now, Democrats are providing $1.5 trillion to build modern, sustainable infrastructure.


This is a bill that invests in the well-being of our cities and towns.


I urge the House to adopt the en bloc package which includes my amendment to establish the Interagency Innovative Materials Standards Task Force and to pass the underlying bill without delay, and I yield back.

President Trump is praising the stock market despite economic hardships brought by the pandemic. During his daily update, he claimed the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 are 50-percent higher than March. He said the Nasdaq is also setting new records.        Police are on the scene of a man shot outside the White House fence. President Trump says he doesn't think the suspect breached anything but thought he was armed. It's being reported the man was shot in the chest and taken to a hospital unconscious.        President Trump is not happy about reports the Big 10 plans to cancel its football season due to the coronavirus crisis. The White House says he wants to see college football "safely resume" in the fall. Trump tweeted the athletes have been working too hard not to play.       Georgia isn't making schools issue a mandatory mask rule despite a recent viral photo of a crowded hallway. Governor Brian Kemp says that's up to superintendents. The photo is from an Atlanta high school where nearly a dozen students and staff are sick with coronavirus.        A woman buried alive in the rubble of a gas explosion in Baltimore is now in the hospital. That makes seven seriously hurt and one dead. Rescuers are digging by hand and using K9s to search for any more survivors. The blast leveled three rental homes and damaged a fourth.        Fewer people may be flying but the TSA is finding more guns at airport checkpoints. The number topped 300 last month, three times as many last year. The TSA calls it "particularly alarming" since only about 25-percent of passengers flew in July.