Though it has still been a challenge,

we thank you for a wonderful year!


Have a safe and happy holiday season!!!







Holiday Events


Here are a few more holiday events to check out as we head into the New Year.


  • Through December 31 - Great Holiday Traditions: Favorite Christmas Songs: Mixed Magic Theatre's annual ode to the holiday season, Virtual Pawtucket. MORE INFO.
  • Friday, December 31 @ 6 pm - New Year's Eve 2022 Dinner - Lusitana Club, Cumberland. MORE INFO
  • Friday, December 31 @ 5:30 - 9:30 pm - Annual Family New Year's Eve Party, United Skates of America, East Providence. MORE INFO


Be sure to check our event calendar for more family-friendly events. Our local libraries, the Audubon Society of Rhode Island and others have a lots of fun activities in store for the family during the Holiday vacation.








We look forward to seeing you in 2022!


Wintertime in the Blackstone Valley, Rhode Island








President Biden is invoking the Defense Production Act to ease a nationwide shortage caused by the closure of a plant in Michigan. The act will allow the federal government to make key formula ingredients priority and give manufacturers additional resources. The White House is also launching Operation Fly Formula to use federal planes to import formula from other countries.        The Dow Jones Industrial Average is seeing its worst loss since 2020. The Dow fell more than 11-hundred points today. The sell-off extended to the rest of the market as yesterday's buying spree was short-lived. At the close, the Dow fell by 11-hundred-64 points to 31-490.        The U.S. is providing Ukraine 215-million dollars in emergency food aid. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the move at a meeting on global food security at the United Nations. Blinken added that the U.S. is pledging 500-million dollars to spur U.S. fertilizer production. It all comes as Ukraine deals with the humanitarian crisis brought on by Russia's invasion.        The man behind the infamous Fyre [[ Fire ]] Festival is no longer in prison. TMZ reports that Billy McFarland is out of prison almost a year before his eight-year sentence is up. McFarland pleaded guilty to two counts of wire fraud after the 2017 Fyre Festival failed in the Bahamas.        It looks like two Minnesota kayakers discovered the skull of a man who lived thousands of years ago. The kayakers stumbled upon the human remains in a river last September. An analysis revealed that the skull belonged to a young man who was alive about eight-thousand years ago.