State Representative Jon D. Brien Announces Re-Election Bid for District 49


State Representative Jon D. Brien, an Independent serving House District 49 in Woonsocket/North Smithfield, plans to run for re-election.

Brien cited the high cost of living, rising energy costs, safe streets and secure elections as issues facing every Rhode Islander that require real leadership and real solutions. Brien will also continue to work to make the State more competitive while seeking to control spending. “We can only pay for the government we can afford, not the government we want.  This is how we run our businesses and households, and we should expect the same from our State.”

Brien also cites his Independent status as a plus for District 49 and for Rhode Island as a whole.  “Serving as an Independent in this climate of political gridlock and consistent conflict, I believe it is truly important to elect candidates that will govern with an open mind, and an open heart, to do the right thing regardless of party or personality. Neither political party has a monopoly on good or bad ideas.  Holding our City, Town, or State back because of a party designation holds us all back from the successes that we could otherwise achieve.”

Brien went on to state “Over the past term I have advocated tirelessly for my very diverse district.  I have been a very vocal member of the General Assembly as I continue to fight for our taxpayers, students, veterans, teachers, retirees, public safety, the elderly, the underserved, and even our defenseless animals.  The only promise I will consistently make is that I will continue to serve with honesty, integrity, and transparency, as these are the hallmarks of any good public servant.”

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