For Immediate Release


The Woonsocket Harris Public Library, 303 Clinton Street Woonsocket RI, is pleased to announce that we have been chosen to display a traveling exhibit arriving at our library and open to the public from August 14, 2018 to October 4, 2018. The library will hold a Kick-off Celebration Event to showcase the exhibit on Wednesday, August 15th at 6pm. The public is invited to join us.

"Explore Earth: our Changing Planet" was organized by the Space Science Institute's National Center for Interactive Learning, the American Library Association Public Programs Office, and Lunar and Planetary Institute and the Afterschool Alliance, and supported by a National Science Foundation Grant. The exhibit is part of an interactive traveling exhibit touring one of 14 locations across the United States and the only Rhode Island location.

The Explore Earth exhibition will focus on local earth science topics—such as weather, climate, and ecosystem changes—as well as a global view of our changing planet. The primary message of the exhibition is that the global environment changes – and is changed by – the local environment of all host communities. The exhibit is divided into three areas: A. Our Changing Planet, B. Ecosystems: The Web of life, and C. Environmental Change at Home. Library patrons will learn that Earth is a complex, global system of interacting subsystems—rock, water, air, and life; understand that Earth’s global system changes on short and long-term time scales; understand the water cycle and the important role that water plays in the earth system; learn about the basics of weather and how meteorologists predict it locally; understand the difference between weather and climate; and learn how to become a thoughtful steward of Planet Earth.

The exhibit includes a tactile Discover Station, six two-sided oversized panels imprinted with informational graphics and facts, a touchscreen computer kiosk that contains several interactive experiences that engage children and adults. These include Wild Weather, Earth Stories, along with a Quiz game. 

Twenty different programs  for children, teens, adults and families will further explore the topics of the exhibit including making smores with a solar oven for teens, Global Ocean Circulation and Climate change presented by Elizabeth Laliberte Professor from URI, and locally by the Woonsocket Water Departments Dan Darling and Trash and Recycling Department's Mike Debroisse. Programs range in diversity by topic and are not limited to kids and families but many are specifically geared to adults including Beekeeping for Adults and Edible plants in your back yard. Programs are listed on our Facebook page and on our website at The Woonsocket Harris Public Library welcomes the community to come and visit our library and exhibit and sign up for programs beginning on August 1. For  more information, please call the library at 401-769-9044.


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