TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2019









  1. Call to order.


  1. Roll call.


  1. Approval of minutes from the meeting held 6/10/19.


  1. Vote on whether or not to recommend to the City Council that the City issue an RFP for the development of a solar energy project at the site known as “River’s Edge”.


  1. Update on discussions with Green Development, LLC pursuant to Resolution 19 R 71.


6.         Adjournment.





















For additional information or to request interpreter services, or other special services for the hearing impaired, please contact City Clerk Christina Harmon-Duarte three days prior to the meeting at (401) 762-6400, or by the Thursday prior to the meeting.


Posted July 25, 2019

The CDC says coronavirus antibody tests are wrong half the time. The agency said on its website that results from the tests should not be used to determine if a person can go back to work or be allowed in a group setting. The CDC added it might be necessary to test patients twice.        Unrest on the streets of Minneapolis Tuesday as police in riot gear clashed with demonstrators protesting the death of an unarmed black man. Video of George Floyd's arrest Monday shows an officer pinning him down with his knee on his neck as Floyd is heard saying he can't breathe. Four officers involved in the arrest have been fired.        Los Angeles is open for business again. Mayor Eric Garcetti says starting today, all retail businesses can let people inside as long as they stay at 50 percent capacity and follow coronavirus safety guidelines. The move will also allow houses of worship and drive-in movies to open, but restaurants still won't be allowed to serve dine-in customers.        Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will become the first NASA astronauts to launch from a private company's spaceship today when they blast off in SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule today but the stands will be empty. Because of COVID-19, crowds won't be allowed to watch the launch at Kennedy Space Center.        Google is going to give its employee a thousand dollars for working from home. The tech giant made that announcement Tuesday when it also said it's planning to reopen offices beginning July 6th.        Chrissy Teigen is revealing why she got tested for COVID-19. The cookbook author and former model posted a video of herself documenting her coronavirus test. The star said she'll undergo surgery soon to remove her breast implants and needed to get the testing out of the way first.