TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2019









  1. Call to order.


  1. Roll call.


  1. Approval of minutes from the meeting held 6/10/19.


  1. Vote on whether or not to recommend to the City Council that the City issue an RFP for the development of a solar energy project at the site known as “River’s Edge”.


  1. Update on discussions with Green Development, LLC pursuant to Resolution 19 R 71.


6.         Adjournment.





















For additional information or to request interpreter services, or other special services for the hearing impaired, please contact City Clerk Christina Harmon-Duarte three days prior to the meeting at (401) 762-6400, or by the Thursday prior to the meeting.


Posted July 25, 2019

NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo is being fired following the arrest and death of Eric Garner. Commissioner James O'Neill says while Garner was non-compliant when being arrested and that cops are given latitude to use physical force during arrests, Pantaleo used a banned chokehold in violation of department protocol. O'Neill went on to say that if he'd been working on patrol that day, he may have made similar mistakes.       The man suspected of shooting six Philadelphia police officers during an hours-long standoff is facing multiple charges. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said today 36-year-old Maurice Hill will face felony charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault as well as misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession. Hill has a criminal record that dates back almost two decades and includes convictions on illegal gun possession.       The latest poll shows nearly half of Americans approve of President Trump's handling of the economy. In a poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, 49-percent approve of his economic policies despite his overall job-approval rating at 43-percent. Additionally, only 36-percent of Americans approved of Trump's response to the aftermath of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings that killed more than 30 people.        More helicopters are being built in Mississippi for border security missions. The Airbus plant near Columbus has been awarded a 59-million-dollar contract for the construction of nine Light Enforcement Helicopters for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Mississippi National Guard continues to fly missions out of Laredo, Texas in support of the Border Patrol also using choppers that are built in Mississippi.       Nearly 79-thousand people are calling on Weight Watchers to remove its app for kids. An online petition on change-dot-org was started five days ago and is more than halfway to its goal of 150-thousand signatures. The woman who started the petition is in recovery from an eating disorder and told Weight Watchers "it's time for you to put human lives over profit."        Target is launching its own brand of food and beverages. The Good & Gather label will show up on the retailer's shelves next month, starting with 650 items ranging from eggs to hummus. The plan is for the brand to include more than two-thousand products by the end of next year.