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--Well, after what was statistically the most stormy weekend of the winter, the world is finally returning to normal today.  Except for making up the things which didn’t get done, that is.  Of all the stupid things our government tries to do, like legislate morality, how come nobody submits legislation to outlaw winter storms? 

  That is, as they say, a rhetorical question.  It’s not meant to be answered.


--Speaking of passing laws, I was terribly unsurprised to learn that the state representative who replaced Burrillville’s Rep. Keable in the last election has introduced legislation to completely revamp the Energy Facility Siting Act.  Why am I not surprised?  That darned power plant proposed for Burrillville was the last straw for the residents of that town who have tried everything they can think of and spent untold dollars to keep it from being built in their town.  They feel “the fix” has “been in” from the start and they are looking for a more level playing field. 

  Specifically, House Bill 5446 would raise the number of people who have absolute power in siting energy plants, for instance, from 3 to 7 and increase public and municipal participation and sensitivity to environmental concerns.  It would also speed up the application process so that well-funded applicants cannot drag things out until the locals run out of money.

   While it doesn’t say so in the law, they would like to repair the process so that three people, doing the bidding of the one person who appointed them, who may not be completely impartial, cannot do what they want with no regard to or recourse from the people who will have to live with it all.

   I’m not completely sure this step will work, but it does sound like a moderated effort, and I applaud people who have every cause to be emotional from their struggles for subduing their passions and moving deliberately and soberly to improve not only their lot, but the lot of others as well.


--I have figured it out.  The poor play of the Boston Celtics basketball club has baffled sports pundits across New England, but I think I know why the 17-time World Basketball Champs are in a monumental slump. 

  On Sunday afternoon, the Fabulous Denise was watching TV, I was listening to the Celtics game on my favorite local radio station.  I have not seen a Celtics game all season, I listen on the radio.  For no particular reason while changing channels, Denise stopped on the Celtics game on TV.  Then I saw it. 

  Every member of the Boston Celtics team was wearing tights.  Kelly green leggings!  I’ve never seen a basketball team do that before, and I think it is the answer to the whole problem of the uninspired play.  The players are simply over-heated and uncomfortable.

  You’ve seen the way basketball players sweat.  There’s a reason for that, you know.  When the human body sweats it is trying to cool itself off by producing liquid on the skin which, when it evaporates, cools the skin removing excess heat from the body.

  I don’t know everything, and even less about sports, I’ll admit it, but I had four sisters.  When it was cold outside and they needed warmth they wore tights.  When it was warm or they were being physical in normal temperatures they hated wearing tights. 

  That’s my theory.  Somebody call up Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge and give ‘em the word.  You can tell them it’s your idea, I don’t need the credit.


--With today being Shrove Tuesday in the religious calendar, commonly called “Fat Tuesday” or the French equivalent “Mardi Gras”, and the Lenten season beginning tomorrow on Ash Wednesday, I thought that as we prepare for fasting and sacrifice I’d leave you with a happy thought.  Yesterday I stopped in the market for supplies and as I walked by the bakery department I was stricken by the sea of green pastries. 

  St. Patrick’s Day is coming.



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