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--I must admit to a small degree of discomfort in bringing up this next subject.  Friends of mine, and of our overall Northern Rhode Island Community are having a fundraiser, a very nice one, and I hope you will buy a ticket and come.  It’s this Thursday, March 28th, at River Falls Tavern on the Market Square end of South Main Street next to the Museum. 

  The event includes food and music, which will start right at 6pm (doors open at 5:30) with a short speaking program afterward.  It will be a very nice night.

  Community Care Alliance, Woonsocket’s Premiere Community Action Organization, is honoring some wonderful people with their “Community Champions” award.  Among them, Lorna Cohen, who is Program Manager of the vitally important Agape Woonsocket HIV Support Services for her work helping people stricken with AIDS.  Emidio Rosa, who is the Supervisor of the CCA Family Support Center, who helps bring assistance and hope to families in crisis, and Tanja Kubas-Meyer, the Executive Director of The RI Coalition for Children & Families, who supports our local organizations that assist children and families from the state-wide perspective.  I will also be honored for my work with The Milk Fund and will accept the award on behalf of the many people who gathered with me to raise more than $57-thousand this past year to buy milk for those who need it.

  If you come you will enjoy a memorable night out with good food, music, and some very nice people.  I hope you do.  Tickets are $20 each and include the buffet dinner and music.  Call Wendy at 235-7245 or email me at the radio station and I’ll send you a web-link you can use to get your tickets online.  You’ll be helping some of the most devoted and committed people I know to help those in our community who need help most.  And you’ll have a great time, too!  See you Thursday!


--People who don’t like President Trump have been for months salivating over the prospect of the Mueller Report bringing them a shipment of free ammunition they could use to remove Mr. Trump from office or at least to so tie him up with defending himself that he has little ability to do anything else. 

  On the other side of this battle, those in favor of Mr. Trump, like the president himself, are breathing a sigh of relief and pointing out the difference between “obstruction of justice” and “criminal obstruction of justice”. 

  As the summary of conclusions contained in the Mueller Report came to light over the last few days, they were grasped by people who hate Mr. Trump as if they were the Holy Sword of Justice.  Unsatisfied with the lack of a damning indictment, they want more ‘dirt’ to be released quickly so they can use it against the president.  What a shame it is that people in such high elected offices can only hate.  I have no room in my life for this kind of hate from either side of the spectrum. 

  Let me make my position clear.  I am a supporter of the office of the presidency, not necessarily its present occupant, except to say that I believe this man should be treated with the same fairness and consideration which any other citizen of our country would expect.

  Putting extremist hate aside in the discussion for a moment, what I think people on both sides seem to be overlooking is that the “facts”, as written in the report of the investigation, might not actually be the truth.

  Has everyone forgotten that the entire investigation was politically motivated to begin with?  With that kind of pressure on the investigators, it would seem to me that the opportunities for skullduggery have been numerous.  We can only hope politics have not distorted the truth in this investigation.  But in common terms, it would be a ‘miracle’ if this report represented the truth and nothing but the truth.  It would be a miracle I would welcome.

  Consider this.  The fact that the Mueller Report pleases nobody completely does speak well for the possibility of it being accurate and truthful.  The truth, as they say, lies somewhere in the middle.

  There is one proposition I on which I think we should all be able to agree.  Anyone who organizes an effort to remove a duly elected president from office without an election is not the kind of American I was taught to be.   People who do that are un-American and wrong, regardless of how lofty they think their goals are, or how much of a jerk the leader is.

--That's what I think. What do you think? Comments to: dave@onworldwide.com or postal mail to Dave Richards, WOON Radio, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6332.

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