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Dave Richards for July 18th


­­­­­­­­­Dave Richards for July 18th…………








--Well, today is the day the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles ‘takes off the training wheels’ and opens all offices for walk-in business.  They’re telling us the new computer system has performed well servicing a regulated number of customers who reserved their place in line over the Internet. 




  But can this new computer system make the difference when the lines are out the front door on Pond Street with people just waiting to see the lady in the triage booth?  We will see.  You’d think they’d eventually get it right, but the temptation to perpetuate gosh awful service could be great when you consider that they are in one of two businesses in America where you are practically expected to “get it wrong” most of the time and can do so with no fear of consequences.  By the way, the other business is weather forecasting.




--A news story of the future started brewing down in Warwick last week.  U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly came to Rhode Island at the request of U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Jack Reed.  The story we were given is that the senator has been told that Green Airport must grow in size.  You can just imagine how much support there will be within the state to borrow more money to construct a bigger terminal and maybe take a few more blocks of houses to extend the runways.  Not only do I see no support, but I predict a sizable protest against such a plan.




  I personally cannot find support in my own mind for making Green Airport bigger.  The way I see it, Green’s unique strength is its smallness, seriously.  I could see maybe sinking a few bucks into the North Central and Charlestown airports, but to go into debt so our airport can become even less competitive makes no good sense to me. 




  You may be asking yourself why the Homeland Security Secretary was asked to come see T.F. Green in person.  I know I did.  The best I could come up with is that Senator Reed knows that Homeland Security can get money to do anything it wants to if it can say it will enhance national security.  Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to have friends in high places when you want to get something big done.






--Congratulations go out to Woonsocket’s Community Care Alliance.  The organization formerly known as Family Resources has a history of helping the unfortunate going back to the 1800’s.  It was the original group behind Woonsocket’s beloved Milk Fund, and has grown under the capable leadership of Ben Lessing to the point where Woonsocket’s CVS Corporation is funding more good work by Community Care Alliance to the tune of a quarter million dollars so they can establish a much needed treatment center for those with opioid issues.  I’m sure you have read or heard of the recent shocking increases in opioid addictions and related deaths across the country.  Unfortunately, our area is not immune to this, but now at least we will be able to do something to keep people from dying. 




--Some of you may think of libraries as a rather studious, quiet but not necessarily exciting place.   While this may have been true years ago, today’s modern library has expanded its scope to sponsor events far beyond books and the odd ‘book discussion group’ here and there.  For instance, the Woonsocket Harris Public Library is involved in producing TV programs about life in the community.  Also, they’ve recently invited teens to come to learn how to prepare for the “Zombie Apocalypse”, (very entertaining for teens) and this Friday they tell me teens are invited to gain hands-on experience with robots.  Similar activities are being sponsored by other libraries in the area.  Your local library isn’t just for reading anymore.




--Before I go, I’d like point out this is the season for local fairs and festivals.  Many of them celebrate the rich heritage of the countries of origin of the many different peoples who make up America.  Last week we had the Southeast Asians and the Dragon Boats on the Blackstone River.  This Saturday and Sunday at the St. John The Baptist Romanian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket the Romanian and Macedonian American Festival will display their Ethnic and American Music and Dancing and foods like Shish-Kebab, Baklava, Grilled Romanian Sausage, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and other selections too numerous to mention here.  This is what America is all about, the best of all the countries and cultures of the world banding together to make one fantastic country.  I hope you’ll take time to support these worthy volunteer efforts.  When you do, you will contribute to what makes America the greatest country of them all.






--That’s what I think.  What do you think?  Comments to: or postal mail to Dave Richards, WOON Radio, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6332. 




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