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Dave Richards for December 19th

­­­­­­­­­Dave Richards for December 19th


--From our “Sometimes You Just Have To Break The Rules” Department:  You have to admire a business person who takes a stand on principle regardless of the financial consequences.  A lot of people thought that way when our own CVS Health corporation decided they would no longer sell tobacco products in any of their stores.  But one of them, for sure, is the guy who owns the Chick-Fil-A chain of chicken restaurants.  Like many in business, he feels personally there should be one day of rest each week.  Many of us may feel that way, but he makes it stick with his slogan “Never On Sunday.”.  

  But even a man with high ideals can find himself in an unexpected situation where it becomes clear that more harm will come from upholding the rules than from making an exception.  Such a time came this past Sunday at the Atlanta airport down in Georgia.  Fire caused a power outage for 12 hours, stranding many thousands of air travelers in the airport for hours.  People got hungry.  The other restaurants began to run out of food.  The Chick-Fil-A restaurant had plenty of food in its storage area but was closed because it was a Sunday. 

   Well, they can’t literally say “Never” on a Sunday anymore.  But I think that shows the kind of company they are.  They seem to genuinely care, not just about a church doctrine, but in the balance and health of people’s lives.  And when that health and balance was threatened, even though it was a Sunday, they opened and fed the hungry.  

  This is a great example of good human judgement and free will, and why I am totally against “mandatory minimum sentencing” in our criminal justice system.   I believe this world was never meant to be perfect.  I believe The Creator meant for the next world to be perfect and for we humans to learn the difference here.  But still so many persist to pass laws to legislate morality and remove free will from the equation.  It is widely accepted that to do so is folly.  But we still keep passing laws when something bad happens……….laws which create new problems and never eliminate the original wrong.

  I believe The Creator expected we would make use of our free will and not legislate against it.  Whether I am right on that point or not can be argued.  But I submit as proof that it was common sense and free will which enabled hundreds of trapped and hungry travelers to be fed last Sunday.  Sometimes you just gotta know when to break ‘the rules’.


 --This is our last meeting on these pages before Christmas Day 2017, so I want to talk about Christmas Wishes.  The Fabulous Denise loves to watch what I call those “weepy wonders” on The Hallmark Channel.  Each one is another romantic tale of ‘A Christmas Miracle or Wish’.  There’s nothing wrong with that stuff, of course.  It’s certainly better than watching the ever-increasing insanity of reality shows or serial dramas.  I might just miss them next spring.  Maybe.

 I wouldn’t confess this to just anyone, but I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps I am being affected by these shows. 

 The other day I was sitting and thinking.  Planning for work to be done and projects to start after the holidays.  After a time I noticed that my mind had wandered to thoughts of Christmas Miracles I’d like to see happen.  I fantasized for a moment what it might be like to see a sick friend recover from a terrible illness.  Or, if my Mom could see my late father again.  You know…….really big stuff.  

  As I caught myself being impractical about the use of my time I returned to my deliberations but I just couldn’t get the idea of a Christmas Miracle out of my head completely.  “What if?”, I asked myself, “What if members of our city council and our Mayor exchanged greeting cards…………..”  “And what if those cards touched each of their hearts and they looked at each other less as adversaries and more like team members working to invigorate our city and take the next steps in our recovery?” 

 Then, as I shook my head back to reality I remembered the words my friend, entertainer Manny Brandao, spoke in one of his stories.  “Friend, if there’s somebody out there you have had words with and maybe your feelings were hurt and you hurt them, too.  Go to them.  Take the first step.  Shake their hand and start your relationship again.  Life is too short to be fighting among ourselves.”  You never know, but you could create your own Christmas Miracle…………….. 

  Merry Christmas!


--That’s what I think.  What do you think?  Comments to: or postal mail to Dave Richards, WOON Radio, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6332.  

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