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Dave Richards for January 9th...........

 ­­­­­­­­­Dave Richards for January 9th…………….


 --This week you’ll begin hearing about Woonsocket’s Mardi Gras celebration.  The ten clues to the true identity of King Jace XXIV have been assembled and are now being broadcast.  To give you a preview, I’ve included them here in this week’s column. 

King Jace XXIV Clues: 

1--King Jace has never met a fish he liked. 

2--King Jace is an Outdoors Man. 

3--King Jace often says "Pasta Bucatini" 

4--King Jace has ridden the rails. 

5--King Jace has a trashy side. 

6--King Jace has sailed the seas. 

7--King Jace might ticket you when you travel. 

8--King Jace gets down to Rock n Roll. 

9--King Jace is happy when he's Blue. 

10-When King Jace is here "The Doctor Is In".

  King Jace will be unmasked at the Queen’s coronation on Friday January 26th at Savini’s Pomodoro Restaurant on Rathbun Street.  Then, both the King and Queen will reign over the Mardi Gras Ball on Saturday February 3rd at the St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center.  Study the clues.  If you think you know who is playing King Jace this year, take a guess.  One person who guesses correctly will win a $50 prize.


--If you pay a lot of attention to the news you may know the name Leigh Corfman.  If you are like most people, you don’t.  I’ll help.  Leigh Corfman is the woman who accused former Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually abusing her when she was 14 years old.  

  Most folks will remember that Mr. Moore denied the accusation and in the course of the continuing campaign said some very nasty things against the now-grown woman.  Well, I guess even in Alabama you can’t call women those kinds of names so Ms. Corfman is now suing Moore for defamation of character.  In the legal papers obtained by The Washington Post, Corfman says she doesn’t want money.  Instead, she wants a public apology from Moore and a legally-binding agreement that he will not criticize her again. 

 No word yet on Moore’s response to the legal action.


--Don’t you just love people who predict the obvious and then take a bow for it?  Some website which forecasts future gasoline prices is predicting they will rise in 2018.  How do they know this?  Must be clairvoyance.  After a brutal few months above $4 per gallon years ago, the average price of a gallon has been in the lower half of $2 for better than a year.  How long do you think the proverbial ‘they’ will leave the price that low?  Yes, of course.  Gas prices at the pump will rise.  Amazing prediction! 


--I suppose you can get a survey to say just about anything you want it to say, but sometimes they just make sense.  It doesn’t mean it’s the truth, but it makes sense.  This study in the publication “Psychological Bulletin” suggests that young people, those we call the “Millennial Generation”, have an “irrational desire” to reach achievement goals and an unhealthy expectation of perfection.  In fact, the study says there has never been a generation in recorded history which expected such perfection from itself.  The magazine attributes this to Social Media, as the young people take on the impossible task of solving their own problems and those of all their “friends” in their social media circle.  They hold themselves up to be perfect in front of others and then try to live it. 

  The reason this study seems to ring a bell with me is probably because since I didn’t grow up with social media, I have a different view on life.  I’m more concerned with whether I think I’m right than whether others do.  And I really don’t find it entertaining to look deeply into the lives of others.  Beyond that, I can imagine what it takes out of a person’s life to keep up with all that stuff.  More than I have to spare.  But the kids…….well, the kids got caught up in it before they assumed the responsibilities of life.  Maybe they are in trouble.  I prefer to think they will figure a way out of it for themselves.  People have always risen to the adversity which confronts them.


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