As a regular part of WOON's local programming, contests are played and the audience is encouraged to participate.

These contests are generally in two categories: "Regular" contests, which are played as part of no special promotion, and "Promotional" contests which are not played year-round but are short-duration promotions.


General Rules for "Regular" contests:

These contests include but are not limited to Trivia, Random numbered phone call, and Simple Audience Response contests.

1.--Winning is limited to once per household per month. This rule does not apply to "Promotional" contests, in as much as if you've won a "Regular" Contest this month, you may also play and win a "Promotional" Contest.

2.--Prizes must be picked up by the winner within a week of winning at the radio station offices, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI during regular business hours, 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. If the winner themselves cannot pick up their prize, they may call the office and designate a friend or family member to do so, but that person must also show personal identification. Any prize which will fit in a standard letter envelope can also be postal mailed to a winner by special arrangement, the winner sending us a pre-addressed, stamped, envelope.

Special arrangements can be made by contacting the radio station office during regular business hours, 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday at 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895.

In case of errors or omissions made in good faith, the decision of station management will be final.

"Promotional" Contest Rules:


Current Contest:


Leap of Faith

February 1st through February 29th, 2024, O-N Radio will ask our listeners to call into the radio station and if their call is the (randomly selected and announced) call received they will be a contestant in the contest. That contestant gets to choose whether they would like to keep the secret (unannounced) daily prize, or they can instead choose to give up the daily prize to be put in a drawing for a chance to win the one of three Secret Grand Prizes to be drawn on “Leap Day” February 29th.

Method of Play: “Listen to O-N Radio each day in February for your cue to call in.  When you hear it, call (401) 766-1240 immediately. The correct number caller will go on air and will be asked to choose between that day’s secret (undisclosed) prize, or to trade that day’s secret prize to be entered into a drawing for the chance to win the secret (undisclosed) Grand Prize. The caller is taking a “Leap of Faith” as the secret prize will not be disclosed until it is drawn on February 29th. Callers who choose to keep the daily prize are not eligible to play another time and are not eligible for the Grand Prize drawing. Contestants who choose to participate in the draw for the secret Grand Prize cannot play the daily game again.

The Grand Prize winners will be drawn live, on air, from the names of all those daily contestants who chose to give up the daily prize they qualified for and instead participate in the final Grand Prize drawing. The live, on air, drawing will take place the morning of “Leap Day,” Monday February 29th, on the Coffee An’ Program between 8-9am. The value and nature of the Grand Prizes will not be disclosed until that day!

The Daily prizes and the Grand Prizes will be selected from a pool of prizes which may consist of varying values anywhere from less than one dollar to $100 dollars or more. The fun part is the contestant will not know they are giving up a Daily Prize which may be more valuable than the Grand Prizes, or vice versa.

You must be 18 years or older to play.



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