The Republican National Convention is getting underway today against the backdrop of an attempt on former President Donald Trump's life during a rally over the weekend. Trump landed in Milwaukee yesterday with no word yet on who he'll put forward as his running mate. The event runs through Thursday and will see more than 50 speakers.       Former President Trump is explaining his thought process following the assassination attempt against him Saturday. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Trump said he chose to raise a fist while bleeding because he "knew that history would judge this," and he knew he "had to let them know we are ok." He went on to add the reality of the event was just beginning to set in.        Leaders from around the world are condemning the assassination attempt of former President Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania. Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky said such violence has no justification in the world. India's Prime Minister Narenda Modi said he condemns the attempt and wished Trump a speedy recovery. French President Emmanuel Macron said the shooting was a tragedy "for our democracies."        Police in Birmingham, Alabama are searching for suspects in connection with two separate shootings over the weekend that resulted in the deaths of seven people. Ten other victims were also wounded. Both shootings occurred Saturday night, one at a private birthday party inside a night club, the other a drive-by shooting.       The majority of Americans say inflation is a "very serious problem." That's according to a recent YouGov poll, which found that voters are more likely to approve of Donald Trump's handling of the issue rather than President Biden's. The survey also found that for Democrats, the most serious issues that the country faces are gun violence and climate change.       Prime Day 2024 starts Tuesday and runs through Wednesday. The two-day Amazon Prime sales event promises to see numerous deals offered by the retail giant.