Former President Trump is claiming the FBI seized three of his passports during a raid on his Mar-a-Lago property last week. In a post on his own social media platform Truth Social, Trump said the FBI "stole" his passports, one of which is expired. The FBI seized 15 boxes including some with classified records.        President Biden is set to sign a major climate and health care bill Tuesday. Democrats pushed the Inflation Reduction Act through the House late last week just days after it narrowly passed the Senate. A White House statement said the measure will lower prescription drug prices in addition to fighting climate change.        It's officially one year since the city of Kabul fell to the Taliban. On August 15th, 2021, the Taliban moved through Afghanistan's capital following the country's government collapse. Hundreds of Kabul residents rushed to the New Kabul Bank to withdraw their life savings before fleeing. At least 800 Americans have been evacuated since the takeover.       Americans are divided on whether students should be required to have COVID vaccines before starting the upcoming school year in-person. A new Gallup survey found 48-percent believe elementary school students should be required to be vaccinated to attend classes. There are slight majorities when it comes to requiring vaccinations for older students in middle school, high school and college.        Tech-billionaire Elon Musk is outlining his technological vision for the future in an essay published in a Chinese magazine. Musk discusses in China Cyberspace what he'd ultimately like to accomplish with his companies Tesla, Neuralink and SpaceX. He said his greatest hope is that humans create a self-sustaining city on Mars and become an interplanetary species. The magazine is run by China's central internet censor, Cyberspace Administration of China.        A new sequel of the "Saw" franchise is set for a Halloween release next year. The film will be the tenth installment in the franchise, although plot details are being kept under wraps.