Philip Gould wins Special Election for Lincoln Town Administrator


Independent candidate for Town Administrator Philip Gould was (unofficially) elected to succeed T. Joseph Almond as Lincoln’s next Town Administrator on September 7th. Gould placed first in a six way race for the seat with 63% of the vote. Gould defeated Republican State Senator Thomas Paolino, former State Representative and Democratic candidate John Barr II, and three other Independent candidates: former Lincoln School Committee member John Picozzi, John J. Cullen, and James Spooner. There are still some mail ballots to be counted; the results of the election will be certified next week. 4,280 voters turned out to cast their ballots in the special election, or 23.5% of registered voters in Lincoln.

Longtime Trump adviser Steve Bannon is being held in contempt of Congress. House Democrats crafted the contempt resolution after Bannon defied a subpoena from the committee investigating the January 6th attack on the Capitol. The resolution will be referred to the Justice Department.       Progress is being made over negotiations on the social spending bill. Speaking to reporters, Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre [[ kar-IN jahn-pea-AIR ]] said President Biden is committed to delivering for the American people. She said the sweeping legislation will also help make the U.S. more competitive worldwide. The original price tag of the bill was three-and-a-half trillion dollars.        The Biden administration is trying to block the controversial abortion law in Texas. However, the state is urging the Supreme Court to leave its fetal heart beat rule in place, which bans abortions after roughly six weeks. The Texas Attorney General's office filed a response today and points to the Fifth Circuit's conclusion that Texas is likely to prevail.       The U.S. has distributed 200-million vaccines to other countries around the world. White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre [[ kar-IN jahn-pea-AIR ]] called it a milestone. Jean-Pierre noted the pandemic is not over and she called on some other nations to step up.        Some lawmakers from western Maryland want to become a part of West Virginia. The Republicans wrote a letter to top officials in West Virginia's legislature describing the attempt as "mutually beneficial for both states." Maryland is traditionally a Democratic state, while West Virginia is more Republican.        Amazon will now give shoppers the option to pick up purchases directly from the retailer. Their new feature Local Selling allows businesses who sell products on Amazon to have customers come get the items instead of waiting for them to be delivered. The e-commerce giant is hoping this new feature will keep shoppers on their site instead of buying directly from the store's website.