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'Tis the season to know

what to throw

into your trash can.


Trash increases during the holidays -- and by a lot.

From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day,

Americans have an additional 1 MILLION tons of trash each week.



Turning a Wasteful time of year back to the most Wonderful time can be easy if we just cut down on our waste:


#1 Recycle in your curbside collection program It's the easiest way to reduce waste and believe it our not, some of your trash, companies will pay money for -- aka RECYCLING.


The trick here, is they only want to purchase the items they want-- meaning you cannot add everything and anything.


In RI, they only take certain items in curbside recycle program. If you are not sure, take a quick look and to make sure you are Recycling Right in RI.


What to recycle in your cart / bin


#2 Recycle Beyond the Bin


So many items can be recycled, but NOT in the curbside collection program.


RIRRC, and many communities, have wonderful drop off for so many other recyclable items such as TVs, clothing, scrap metal, motor oil, and the list goes on.


Watch this video and learn what other items are easily recycled. But remember, these recyclables have to be dropped off, and are NOT accepted in your recycling cart/bin.

Virtual Tour of Rhode Island's Small Vehicle Area (for Special Recycling)

RIRRC Small Vehicle Area Drop Off Program - See what can be recycled!



#3 Ditch the Disposables


Don't use plastic silverware, cups, water bottles or disposable plates. Ugh -- these all end up in the trash.


Use your own dishes, silverware and glasses. They are FREE, will make a fancier table, are easy to clean - (place right in your dishwasher) and don't generate trash.


GIFT IDEA: Refillable water bottles, lunch kits, reusable shopping bags, bamboo cutlery sets are some great "green" gifts to give this season.



Quick Holiday Recycling Guide


METAL: Cans, Lids & Foil - Don't forget to recycle clean foil pie plates, small metal gift tins, whipped cream containers and beverage cans.

GLASS: Bottles & Jars - All those empty holiday cheer bottles can be recycled, along with sauce & dressing bottles, and condiments jars.

PLASTIC: Containers Only - Recycle empty tubs of butter, cookie and party trays, and of course drink containers.

FIBER: Paper, Cardboard & Cartons - Remember to recycle boxes & wrapping paper (flattened), greeting cards, candy boxes, and empty soup and egg nog cartons.



Keep On Learning

how you can be good to our environment.

There is so much great information out there, here are a few things I found interesting and wanted to share. Let me know if you have any favorites-- I would like to learn more myself and possibly share in a future newsletter. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


some interesting games & videos...



The Story of Bottled Water

How and why do we have bottled water, and should we?

What really happens to the plastic you throw away - Emma Bryce

What happens to the plastic you throw away?



Play the RIRRC Recycling Game. To test your recycling and sorting knowledge as you play along. click here



for the readers...



American Girl

Understanding climate change, speaking up for solutions and living an earth-friendly life.

by Patrick McDonnell

The popular comic strip Mutts, shares the themes of ecology, environmental friendliness and animal education.

by Catherine Kelaher

A guide for those interested in helping animals but not sure how to get started.


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